Friday, December 3, 2010

first post woo!

hello there! welcome! this is my blog. it is shiny and new. i've been kicking around the idea of starting a blog for a while now. i figured that joining americorps would be a great way to start one and give it some focus. of course, i started americorps over a month ago, so it seems like i'm right on schedule (for me anyway). i don't think it would be all that interesting for me to just write about americorps, so for now at least, the blog is going to be about whatever i feel like writing about. so there will probably be alot on here about food that i'm cooking (and wayne is eating). i also just got a shiny and new camera, so hopefully i won't be lazy and there will be tons of fun pictures on here (again, probably mostly of food). here's one to start:

that's my sourdough starter! i'm playing along with serious eats' sourdough starter-along series. i'm pretty excited about it since i've never even tried to do a starter before. that picture is from day one, when i mixed together 1/2 oz flour and 1 oz of water.

this is my starter today (day 3):

look! bubbles! also, it smells terrible. but that's ok, soon it will turn into delicious sourdough bread. or so they tell me. also, i apparently need to name my starter, so any suggestions are welcome. i hope that jamie will read this and provide me with a dorky/cool biology-inspired name, because i certainly don't know any.

and just to put up a picture of something that isn't fermenting (i hope), check out our new lamp!

pretty cool huh? we got it at this awesome thrift store, and we even haggled. she pretty much gave us a good price because it was a huge pain to get down and she didn't want to have to put it back up on the ceiling. it was awesome and it just makes the apartment feel so much homier. i like it.

so yeah, this is my blog. and as they teach you never to say in public speaking (or at least mr. ris did), i guess that about wraps it up. thanks for reading my rambling!

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  1. awesome idea....looking forward to some great cooking advice as you are a much better cook than me