Thursday, February 3, 2011

happy new year! lunar or otherwise!

so apparently i am bad at blogging. i had a feeling that i would be, but i thought that i'd at least get a few posts written before i fell out of the routine. it's officially been two months between my first two posts - blog fail.

but i'm back! with tons to write about. i think i'll use this one to hit a few highlights of the last two months without being a drag (hopefully).

so first of all, moonchild, my sourdough starter that i introduced you to last time, is dead. i am apparently as bad at being a starter mother as i am at blogging. i thought it was a pretty cool name (from the neverending story) but i guess that wasn't enough to save it from my complete inattention and lack of regular feeding. wayne wouldn't even let me try to salvage the mason jar it was in. we finally threw it out about a week ago. whoops! i'll try it again in a few weeks - i am determined to make homemade sourdough bread before spring comes and it gets too hot in our apartment to even think about turning on the stove.

so the holidays happened! they were pretty fun. not much else to say about them, but here a couple cute family pictures:

wayne and his mom

bunch of brats :)
fat bandit loves her christmas hat

'bigstrom' looking like he owns a team
 kyleigh and me :)

so then things went back to normal. 

it snowed. alot. 

i watched the shining. it was pretty scary. 

wayne and i went to atlantic city.  and i have two things to say about that:


tons of fun.

since a big part of this blog is ostensibly about my year of service, i guess i should talk about the martin luther king day of service event. the concept - mlk day should be a 'day on,' not a day off. there's a nationwide americorps project on mlk day to hand out fire safety information to at-risk populations. we chose a neighborhood in harlem with high rates of fires, and actually were able to get into some of the nycha housing locations. we handed out over 1400 fire safety door hangers and 'be red cross ready' pamphlets. it went really well, and people were surprisingly receptive to the information. we made it to the main page of the website and i was even quoted. it ended up being a really awesome day, which was really great considering all the work we put into planning it. here's a picture:

all the americorps members looking at a different camera - good job photographer wayne

so i guess i'll wrap it up by talking about my most awesome christmas present - broken social scene! wayne got us tickets for the show in january at terminal 5, and it was pretty much an awesome night all around. we went to blue fin first for some dinner and it was ammmmmazing. i've been trying to keep the food pictures out of this post (because they're getting their own post next) but here are a couple of our ridiculously indulgent dinner:

"i'm a delicious prawn! wayne ate my friend's eyeball!"

some kind of awesome cured yellowtail with cocoa nibs

top tier - king crab, lobster, shrimp ceviche, salmon tartar
lower tier - mussels, littlenecks, oysters, shrimp

so yeah, dinner was incredible. plus we had a bunch of great drinks, and it was really nice to see wayne's friends from his old restaurant. then off to the show we went, cheerfully full and buzzed. the band was crazy good and played for basically forever. also, unlike the national, they played all the songs that i yelled at them to play, so that's always good. here are some crappy pictures of the band:

great stuff. 

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